Report: Business Leaders Spend Up to 60% of Company Budget on Energy Expenses

According to a recent survey conducted by Vantage Etc., CEOs and CFOs report that they allocate almost one-quarter to over one-half (60 percent) of their company‚Äôs annual budget to energy expenses. 

The vast majority of the survey respondents (65 percent) also revealed that although financial forecasts strongly indicate that commercial energy costs in the coming year will skyrocket, shopping around for the best energy prices is not something routinely done for their company. 

This survey was conducted by Vantage Etc. with its affiliates, Vantage Energy and Vantage Risk Management.  The company is best known for providing innovative business solutions to over 3,000 clients including leading Fortune 500 corporations, medium-sized and small businesses, and not-for-profits throughout the US and across the globe. 

The survey also found that about half (55 percent) of companies routinely check their energy bills for errors and overcharges. Of those who did find errors and received refunds from their energy companies, 35% say that they allocate their refunds to payroll expenses and upgrades to the office. 

Vantage Energy specializes in uncovering billing errors and overcharges made by energy companies and has saved as much as $250,000 for some of the largest multinational companies, like Burger King, Five Guys, White Plains Hospital, and the City of Yonkers, as well as medium and small businesses.  In addition, Vantage Energy is a leader in energy procurement, successfully finding and securing the best prices for the purchase of electricity, oil, gas, renewables, and other energy sources. 

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